The Factory



Concept Factory is one of the most edgy Lebanese Russian graphic designers in the region. Her unique knowledge of Arab culture and Russian culture and its popular art stems from years of traveling and documenting. The Factory is specializes in brand identity and re-branding as well as packaging, space design, digital design, event management , window design  and creative direction. Crossing-cultures, the studio has an in-depth understanding of the need for unique ideas, essential for its clients to stand out.We love what we do and our passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands is brighter than ever. We grow long and meaningful relationships with our clients that empower their businesses. Everything made by Concept factory created in our studio with an in house team.
Our Services

Brand Identity Packaging

By creating a design, we offer not only a delicious picture – we work on the visual and emotional components of the brand. This allows to build a unique, controlled dialogue with the consumer.

The Factory is specializes in branding of food and non-food products. We cover the full cycle of works in launching a new trademark or renewal of the existing brands. Our work includes the search of ideas, naming the brand and packaging design.

While introducing new products we design forms of packaging made of various materials such as glass, plastic, carton or combined materials. When working we collaborate with packaging producers in Russia and abroad.

The corporate brand expresses the philosophy, conception, mood and mission of a company. To form a unique image of a business or a service the company needs a name, corporate identity and various commercial materials as well.

Brand Advertising

We help our clients align their brand aspirations with the fundamentals of their business, their values and their products and services. We then find the best vehicle for their marketing. A national out-of-home campaign, targeted social media push, direct marketing or bespoke brand publication, whatever method or mix we decide, we arrive at the most suitable brand advertising solution together.

Brand Strategy Development

We help businesses of all types develop their brand strategy by gaining a clear understanding of what they do, where they come from and where they want to be.

We find out what makes their brand unique, learn about their industry, their customers and competitors. Then we’ll position their brand at the heart of everything and develop a strong, connecting brand strategy.

Event and communication

We are specializes in high-impact corporate event planning , Our vision arose from the desire to establish professional standards for corporate event planning. Our objective is to create one-of-a-kind impactful events exceeding always our clients’ expectations. Our strongest qualities lie in our team, a young and vibrant team with  years of experience, who have been trained to think outside the box and be creative in their solutions. Event Planners, Creative Directors, , Architects, Account Managers and technicians are here to meet your specific requirements and help you achieve your goals.Every event is designed, executed and organized in a special and unique manner, giving it utmost importance and value. Innovative concepts are one of our key solutions combining aesthetics to the latest technologies.